Please refer to the Terms & Conditions section as it will explain further of all the needs and Rules & Regulations you have to follow in order to participate in the L’Oréal Color trophy competition.

Yes, each salon can enter a particular category twice, meaning that you can have 2 teams in the L’Oréal Color Trophy, 2 teams in the Next Generation and 2 teams in Masters which results in 6 entries per salon as a maximum.

As for Schools, all students interested may participate in the competition. There are no maximum numbers per school.

No, this is not necessary. You just need a photogenic model who you believe can best represent your look according to the 2019 brief. Often you can be more creative on a model’s hair when she/he is not professional. Please remember that if your salon makes it through to the Regional Semi Finals, your model should be confident, ‘own’ the look you have created on them and walk convincingly down the catwalk in front of the assembled audience.

This is up to you. We can accept a head or full length shot, but remember, this is a hair competition so the hair needs to be an important factor in the photograph that you submit.

All online photos submitted must be in a tiff or jpeg format with minimum size of 3MB and a maximum size of 5MB.

No all entries MUST be submitted online, except for Masters Category as we need you to send us your portfolio by mail.

1500 Robert-Bourassa #600, Montreal, QC H3A 3S7
ATT : Sabrina Mulé

Unfortunately we are unable to return any photos whether or not you are successful in proceeding through to the next stage of the competition.

You may use hair pieces and extensions as long as they are not more than 20% of the final look.

The photographic entry judging will take place Mid January. The salons successfully through to the next stage of the competition will be announced on In February.

The L’Oréal Color Trophy Grand Finale takes place on Sunday April 5th, 2020 in Montreal.

Tickets for the Grand Finale will be available to purchase via as of September 1st, 2019.

The 2020 Color Trophy will center around more editorial looks and therefore we encourage the participants to really follow the LA FRENCH – ART OF HAIR COLORING philosophie inspiration with beautiful color and a more editorial finishing while maintaining the L’Oréal Professionnel identity.

You can be 3 in a team as well, however the stylist being the colorist as well will be required to answer questions about color during the competition which can interfere with their concentration. We strongly suggest being 4 members.

YES, each team must always take a BEFORE picture of their models and bring it with them as it is mandatory and judges will request it at any stage of the competition. PHOTO SPECS: headshot against a white background, printed 8 x 10, no makeup, hair down, no styling.

Yes you can touch up a picture as long as you do not do any digital enhacement, meaning changing your look or color. Touch ups are to take away fly aways or simply polish the picture, whereas digital enhancement means adding hair or other characteristics that change your picture significantly.

NO. Your color MUST be done before your arrival. The venue may not be ideal to do color.